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What Price Is Considered Low Cost?

Updated - 06/01/2003

The web hosting industry is a very competitive industry, so many hosting providers will assign themselves all manner of praise and fancy adjectives in an effort to appear more valuable to potential customers. Among those efforts to appear like a real bargain, providers will market themselves with phrases like "an affordable web host" or "budget hosting accounts." Many such claims couldn't be further from the truth.

Only hosting accounts that are priced at under $12.00 per month can truly be considered "low cost". The average price for a standard shared hosting over the past five years has been around $19.95 per month. With that said, many outstanding hosts have emerged in the last couple years that offer great hosting accounts for around $7.95 per month on average. The following descriptions should give you an idea of acceptable price ranges for web hosting accounts so that you can fairly judge the hosting providers you are evaluating.

Hosting Accounts From $3.00 To $4.95 Per Month

Storage Space10 MB to 50 MB
Bandwidth500 MB to 2 GB / Month
Email Accounts1 to 25 Accounts
CommentsBest for small personal websites only. Such a plan should never be considered for any type of business or Ecommerce functions, since it will almost certainly be on older server hardware shared with several hundred other web hosting accounts. Example Provider - WebSytz

Hosting Accounts From $5.00 To $6.95 Per Month

Storage Space25 MB to 100 MB
Bandwidth2 GB to 5 GB / Month
Email Accounts25 to 100 Accounts
CommentsThere are some good hosts out that are able to price their smallest accounts as low as $5.00 per month without sacrificing quality. However, the bandwidth and support they provide for this price is still good for non-business sites only. Example Provider - ICDSoft

Hosting Accounts From $7.00 To $8.95 Per Month

Storage Space100 MB to 500 MB
Bandwidth5 GB to 20 GB / Month
Email Accounts100 to Unlimited Accounts
CommentsYou will find accounts that offer the most value for your money in this price range. With the features listed above, you're getting a hosting package that will accommodate most websites. This range is good for small business and large personal sites. Example Provider - iPowerWeb

Hosting Accounts From $9.00 To $11.95 Per Month

Storage Space300 MB to 1 GB
Bandwidth20 GB to 50 GB / Month
Email Accounts100 to Unlimited Email Accounts
CommentsWith the features above, you can safely host any type of site until you reach the point of needing a dedicated server. If you're paying for an account that's more than $11.95 per month, then you're basically paying more for a hosting company's name and reputation rather than the actual features of your hosting account.  Example Provider - HostRocket

So, if you see hosting accounts in these price ranges that don't have the basic features listed, keep looking because you're bound to find a better host at the same price. Also, if they offer the features listed above on the various charts, you should be able to tell if they are charging more than such as account is worth.

Check our Comparison Chart for a listing of some of the best low cost providers available.

If you'd like to read some more helpful articles on choosing a low cost hosting provider, then please return to our Hosting Guides section.

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Lunarpages - $7.95/mo
InMotion - $7.95/mo
Easy CGI - $7.96/mo
FuseBlast - $8.95/mo
HostRocket - $11.95/mo
Globat - $7.50/mo
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