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Choosing The Right Provider

We have provided the following web hosting articles to serve as guides in assisting you with your search for a low cost web hosting provider that best suits your needs.

Beginner's Guide - An Introduction To Web Hosting
Updated - 10/10/2002
This brief article is intended for those who are new to web hosting and want to know more about how to get started. The article overviews the basics of web hosting and domain names, the types of hosting available, and some of the costs involved.

Registering Domain Names - Creating Your Internet Identity
Updated - 03/20/2003
In the world of the Internet, your domain name will become the main identity of your website. This short article explains what domain names are and how to go about registering one.

Choosing A Web Host - What To Look For In A Provider
Updated - 10/11/2002
Due to the numerous types of hosting accounts available today, choosing the right provider can sometimes be a difficult task. This article is intended to make the process of choosing one easier for you.

Hosting Price Ranges - What Price Is Considered Low Cost?
Updated - 06/01/2003
Many hosting providers throw around adjectives like "low cost", "cheap", "budget", "discount", "affordable" and "inexpensive", but what price range can truly be considered low cost?

Cheap Hosting Pitfalls - What To Watch Out From When Paying Less
Updated - 06/05/2003
There are plenty of good hosting providers for under $10 a month. However, there are also several hosts that could end up charging you more than their advertised price. Also, paying less for web hosting typically means that you will have given up certain features normally found on web hosting accounts.

Hosting A Business Site - Operating An E-Commerce Store
Updated - 10/20/2002
The requirements of a business website typically go beyond the standard features of many web hosting accounts. Make sure you pick a web host that has the essential components of a business site.

FrontPage Extensions - Operating A FrontPage Website
Updated - 10/24/2002
The Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions are a necessary component for using the advanced features of Microsoft FrontPage. This guide details what they are and how to use them with your FrontPage website.

Free vs Paid Hosting - Why Pay For Web Hosting?
Updated - 10/28/2002
With the growing number of free web hosting services available on the Internet today, you may be asking yourself, "Why pay for web hosting when I can get it for free?". This is actually a very good question and in the this article we evaluate the benefits of each type of web hosting.

Dedicated vs Shared - Comparing Costs & Hosting Features
Updated - 11/01/2002
If your website seems to be outgrowing your current web hosting account, you may want to consider getting a dedicated server. Although the costs are high, the benefits of dedicated servers are numerous. This can be particularly true if you have a high traffic website or if you have special needs that your current host cannot provide for.

Windows vs Unix - Choosing The Right Hosting Platform
Updated - 11/08/2002
There are various opinions regarding whether UNIX is the best operating system for hosting, or whether Windows 2000 hosting servers offer the better choice. This article looks at the advantages and disadvantages of each and helps you decide which is right for you based upon your hosting needs.

Account Control Panels - Hosting Account Management
Updated - 11/12/2002
One of the most valuable features that you should look for when evaluating web hosts is an account control panel. Many web host offers some type of web-based control panel which allows you to update and maintain your account very easily. An account control panel is especially beneficial if you are relatively new to maintaining a web hosting account.

Bandwidth Explained - Hosting's Most Misunderstood Phrase
Updated - 11/16/2002
You'll always see "bandwidth" listed on every hosting account, but do you really know what it refers to -- or what happens when you exceed your bandwidth limit.

Email Autoresponders - A Valuable Tool For Business
Updated - 11/21/2002
If you run a business or large information-based site on the Internet, then you might want to list email autoresponders as one or your primary hosting requirements. This simple feature can save you hours and hours of time dealing with customer inquiries and keeping your website visitors informed.

Expired Domain Names - Back-Order the Name You Want
Updated - 03/26/2003
Just because the particular domain name you wanted was taken doesn't necessarily mean you can never get. There are services that allow you to back-order domain names and automatically register them in your name when they expire.

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